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#!/bin/bash -e
rm -rf dockerbuild || true
mkdir dockerbuild
cp Dockerfile dockerbuild/Dockerfile-amd64
cp Dockerfile dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm
cp Dockerfile dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm64
sed -E 's|FROM alpine|FROM amd64/alpine|' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-amd64
sed -E 's|FROM alpine|FROM arm32v7/alpine|' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm
sed -E 's|FROM alpine|FROM arm64v8/alpine|' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm64
sed -E 's/GOARCH=/GOARCH=amd64/' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-amd64
sed -E 's/GOARCH=/GOARCH=arm/' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm
sed -E 's/GOARCH=/GOARCH=arm64/' -i dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm64
docker build -f dockerbuild/Dockerfile-amd64 -t sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-amd64 .
docker build -f dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm -t sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm .
docker build -f dockerbuild/Dockerfile-arm64 -t sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm64 .
docker push sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-amd64
docker push sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm
docker push sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm64
docker manifest create sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION \
sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-amd64 \
sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm \
docker manifest annotate --arch amd64 sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-amd64
docker manifest annotate --arch arm sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm
docker manifest annotate --arch arm64 sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION-arm64
docker manifest push sequentialread/webclip:$VERSION
rm -rf dockerbuild || true