205 Commits (multi-tenant)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest a3362a19df implement maximum reconnect 2 months ago
  forest 7816c9d137 finish implementing LocalSOCKS5Address and fix a couple bugs 2 months ago
  forest 1a2c3fd9dd support local SOCKS5 proxy for threshold clients 2 months ago
  forest b5607fc093 move module correctly 2 months ago
  forest 85552b5516 I don't know if this data matters or not but I figured if it does, might 4 months ago
  forest 5546ce31bd support dialing unix sockets for local servers, support PROXY proto for 4 months ago
  forest 9323c24740 cleaning up and working on implementing threshold test mode 4 months ago
  forest af7481739a allow users to define tunnels for disconnected nodes 4 months ago
  forest 021cf1a1ae debugging stupid golang pointer crap causing wrong tunnel 4 months ago
  forest 5bd01f4818 changes from testing greenhouse desktop 4 months ago
  forest 80a61c0295 add tenantInfo endpoint for greenhouse 4 months ago
  forest ae543f018a greenhouseapikey --> greenhouseapitoken 5 months ago
  forest e2d165e1cb move blocking IO reads outside of mutex 😅 5 months ago
  forest cbcbed9bb1 debugging desktop app registration stuff 5 months ago
  forest d0f009120a add clientStates endpoint for greenhouse to be able to tell if a given 5 months ago
  forest 6cb229dd0c allow inline certs in config file 5 months ago
  forest ca4bdab725 got metric collection working with greenhouse 5 months ago
  forest 3ff3cc4843 scrape hostname from HTTP request 5 months ago
  forest 45ebe469d8 working on setting up greenhouse integration for client 5 months ago
  forest f6c1310d79 updates for greenhouse 5 months ago
  forest 2393bd717c update diagram and add GPL 7 months ago
  forest 3b0cd13006 WIP multitenant updates while working on greenhouse 7 months ago
  forest 6d225f9a35 split client and server into separate files :D 8 months ago
  forest 4865eadad8 add support for multiple servers per client 8 months ago
  forest 4e66a4a723 support JSON metrics 9 months ago
  forest b9b61e56d4 bandwidth metrics & prometheus metrics publisher 9 months ago
  forest 7909b24089 working on MultiTenantMode support, removing non-TLS mode 9 months ago
  forest 67bada28b9 added admin unix socket and fixed docker arch on build 10 months ago
  forest d68d97256e fix docker build caching and add arm64 11 months ago
  forest 27b55a04a8 set up multi-architechture cross-compiling docker build 11 months ago
  forest 717841b3c6 build both arm and amd64 binaries 1 year ago
  forest 40388c23da fix TLS cert validation bug and remove un-needed management port 1 year ago
  forest 53a37168e8 add link to stack overflow post 1 year ago
  forest 507c628366 validate the client certificate common name as a part of initiating 1 year ago
  forest 4b75a35011 update readme 1 year ago
  forest 9090f4771a refactor so that the server can't maliciously connect to any arbitrary 1 year ago
  forest 02ac620a75 rename to threshold and add splash image 1 year ago
  forest 37a9a296ef update readme to better explain PROXY protocol 1 year ago
  forest 9361ed4364 add SNI to features list on readme, update test output 1 year ago
  forest e66456bb10 Virtual Hosts and SNI routing is working 1 year ago
  forest 02993102f3 refactoring virtualaddr to support TLS SNI based virtual hosts 1 year ago
  Forest Johnson 122aa98210 log config when service starts, and fix bash stderr redirection in test 2 years ago
  forest 513d1dcc31 TLS support, and fixing error messages 2 years ago
  forest 4b7192a550 updating readme 2 years ago
  forest 4284e965f6 ProxyProtocol --> HaProxyProxyProtocol 2 years ago
  forest f3a5b89cc8 fix typo 2 years ago
  forest 126d9a6a2d update readme with usage example output 2 years ago
  forest 04216517f6 fix comment 2 years ago
  forest e0fb381eff Allow clients to connect before tunnels are configured and track client 2 years ago
  forest 54dd2f1f09 fix comment in usage example 2 years ago