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  forest 6d45b9f67d clean up godotenv 5 months ago
  forest 5f29fe55cb fix version detection bug when offline and update screenshot 2.0.8 9 months ago
  forest 2686c6a688 better support phones by introducing responsive hamburger nav 9 months ago
  forest e2c8a93c57 bump version 9 months ago
  forest 658b11bfd3 remove unused parameter 9 months ago
  forest 388096f812 oops, I don't there was any value of changing the hmac like that 9 months ago
  forest da083b5cbc removing the nodejs build dependency now that base32768 is gone 9 months ago
  forest 114798298c updating readme for wasm changes 9 months ago
  forest 1bdc42aba3 remove un-needed base32768 dependency (no cross-origin webworker issues) 9 months ago
  forest 86b8b6edc5 purging AWS from the code and updating readme 9 months ago
  forest b970d6abff fixing bugs 9 months ago
  forest 9f15d65bfc attempting to fix the syncing issues 9 months ago
  forest dc38c23a4a update readme 9 months ago
  forest 8bd304d31f oops, missed a couple of files 9 months ago
  forest 063b1d912d new golang compatible CBC encryption is working! 9 months ago
  forest d29427b1fd scrypt + getRandomValues used for key derivation 9 months ago
  forest 7836c42c4a cleaing up 9 months ago
  forest a55ff4e449 remove old wordlist 9 months ago
  forest 10b07c64d9 starting to work on new scrypt key derivation and updated wordlist 9 months ago
  forest cd5b80f9b5 s3 --> backblaze in readme 9 months ago
  forest 5b27e873e4 got project switched over from AWS S3 to backblaze object storage 9 months ago
  forest c02f875242 support .env for easier development 9 months ago
  forest 1c627e9244 adding WASM scrypt WebWorker from pow-captcha 9 months ago
  forest 91b351a06f add architechture agnostic docker build 9 months ago
  forest b03eef2794 fix bugs and make sure to cache all files locally to deliver on offline 1 year ago
  forest 9654783bf7 remove double logging oops 1 year ago
  forest 62d61defa1 update readme for 1.2.0 1 year ago
  forest 3ed7f1edbe update build for 1.2.0 1 year ago
  forest 81b34c780a first shot at replacing application cache with service worker 1 year ago
  forest 49baf48ba4 fix application-cache-is-a-douchebag link in readme 1 year ago
  Forest Johnson 0c67f03b66 fix errant comma 4 years ago
  forest johnson 3996fe4a2b small fixes 4 years ago
  forest johnson df9fea02b0 1.1.0: mobile device support, hack to reload when appcache changes, refactor storage and http into separate services, extract constants 4 years ago
  forest johnson 05c64f745a add a modal window to the initialization block of the index file to help prevent the user accidentally overwriting thier index file under a failure scenario 4 years ago
  forest johnson 14f189acf9 bump version number to 1.0.0 4 years ago
  forest johnson 18187b3bfe breaking change: Include secret ID (hash of secret) in hash of file name to make file names unique per secret rather than globally unique. 4 years ago
  forest johnson 4d26a99c21 fix appcache issue where 404s get translated to the index page. 4 years ago
  forest johnson 5fc70dc239 Merge branch 'master2' 4 years ago
  forest johnson e03ebde6a7 fixing bug with cors issues on older browsers 4 years ago
  forest johnson aea205d0e2 add better error handler when decryption fails 4 years ago
  forest johnson d6fdbfa190 fix bug where onKeyDown would trigger a file to save even if the contents did not change 4 years ago
  forest johnson 19c19ee8bd release 0.0.6 4 years ago
  forest johnson c2fe00b4a5 make encryption seed field be a password field when user is typing into it, put accept headers on requests for json 4 years ago
  forest johnson 59526c5253 update readme, fine-tune the secret length disclaimer on the app, and update the screenshot 4 years ago
  forest johnson 1ece818f35 update screenshot 4 years ago
  forest johnson 488a48f4f5 fix warning label 256 -> 128 and simplify s3 interceptor code 4 years ago
  forest johnson fcea9ba9a9 update readme 4 years ago
  forest johnson 3544b5dc15 add link to wolfram alpha for napkin calculation of how long it would take for a bitcoin miner to brute force the 9-word key 4 years ago
  forest johnson fcf4e139ca update readme 4 years ago
  forest johnson 81c8f898a0 fix sort file list being broken 4 years ago