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  forest 4c89fe5ede Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 week ago
  forest 514a4ee7f7 add gotosocial test 1 week ago
  forest 4c2ab0b387 add caddy dockerfile to build docker image of sequentialread caddy fork 1 week ago
  forest 7e2f5b02e8 greenhouse alpha release stuff 2 weeks ago
  forest 6b447671e8 remove oldschool share buttons from blog theme 2 weeks ago
  forest b710507884 updating greenhouse config 1 month ago
  forest 8b05b95a91 greenhouse telemetry up and running roughly 1 month ago
  forest e77a9d9149 first version of greenhouse-alpha telemetry loki 1 month ago
  forest c49e5a6c16 got webmentiond emails working 1 month ago
  forest 8c0fe881b9 ignore ghost theme zip file 2 months ago
  forest afee540215 migrate fully to nullhex as smtp provider :) 2 months ago
  forest f5fc83dcc9 pgp for indieweb login 2 months ago
  forest b42dc44bf7 add webmention to header 2 months ago
  forest 6bbae1c8fc update picopublish 3 months ago
  forest 813cfdcce8 picopublish updates :) 3 months ago
  forest 5855b954fe get email confirmation working for gitea 3 months ago
  forest c02d08395a adding experimental gitea-registration-proxy 3 months ago
  forest a0b4380b70 updating the caddy configurator to support path-based routing 3 months ago
  forest 707e86b4d1 blog theme: fix ghost link in footer 4 months ago
  forest ea6d64b50b add greenhouse to goatcounter 4 months ago
  forest 0f148143a1 updating servergardenwebsite config with subdomains 4 months ago
  forest da132bfbae blog theme: fixing float-right images 4 months ago
  forest 8aaefc8cb8 blog theme: responsive float-right-image class 4 months ago
  forest 45b0285281 adding server.garden static site. 4 months ago
  forest d41d11040f dockercompose updates from maintenance 4 months ago
  forest ca4ac17f3f small blog theme fixes 5 months ago
  forest 059b8cf9a4 fix Range requests for goatcounter log consumer 5 months ago
  forest 040d7e6401 migrate to from mariadb to postgres for gitea, make space for dendrite 6 months ago
  forest 7e66fcfffd add thumbnail to live stream display 6 months ago
  forest e586cfa6d0 upgrade owncast to new version with direct HLS stream from OBS 6 months ago
  forest 357ba7fbbc centurylink changed my ip again :( 6 months ago
  forest 83b73ad7e9 update image sizing in blog theme css 7 months ago
  forest 88e7650ae5 backup grafana dashboard 8 months ago
  forest 5a1566ea02 add stream status popup to blog theme 8 months ago
  forest 147bec6dd5 fix unixHTTP error logging 8 months ago
  forest 829e4a2aa7 fixing caddy-config leaving infinite # of sockets open 8 months ago
  forest 0dc9f135a8 fixing nil pointer in external service 8 months ago
  forest 08a9b64599 adding blacklisted IPs to log adapter and fixing RSS traffic stats 8 months ago
  forest b4fcae7a5d gitea crashing on push :( 8 months ago
  forest 1f1b2db2a6 document how to create favicon 8 months ago
  forest 1d4418e38d standardize favicon.ico across all domains 8 months ago
  forest 13b4f7b643 fixing bug: docker socket connections lost when gateway restarts 8 months ago
  forest c00e4d49eb updating blog theme for new server :) 8 months ago
  forest efec3bf9e0 got external-services working and cleaned up! :) 8 months ago
  forest c7807077c8 try to avoid breaking the stream 8 months ago
  forest 8e61cf2fad trying to implement external services on internal networks 8 months ago
  forest 2af74cd507 committing docker-compose before I change it too much 8 months ago
  forest 2aef4f5cab fixing more goatcounter issues 8 months ago
  forest 194c7a6cbc always ignore favicon.ico 9 months ago
  forest acc8f216bd remove unused file 9 months ago