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  forest 423bd91e04 debugging changes 3 weeks ago
  forest a5363baf72 small fixes 1 month ago
  forest 056a6bba88 update readme and fix bugs 1 month ago
  forest 2c60e69733 write a proper readme and fix scaling on mobile 1 month ago
  forest 37c452254c fixing issues with disallow bots 1 month ago
  forest d77fcd96c0 1st try at "disallow bots" feature 1 month ago
  forest 9ac4b9226d get rid of old, buggy http server code and replace it with 1 month ago
  forest 38e1c3ca4b fall back to mime.TypeByExtension 1 month ago
  forest ebda7f504c move http.DetectContentType to read side instead of write side 4 months ago
  forest 185415de06 go modules 4 months ago
  forest 8de060a577 automatic content types for zip file contents, support http byte range 4 months ago
  forest cb31bb88b6 fix new docker build 7 months ago
  forest 7cdab5315f add architechture agnostic build 7 months ago
  forest b247da5020 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
  forest 34618730cb clean up unzip root folder path truncation 1 year ago
  forestjohnson 0d144870fe support x-zip-compressed mime type 1 year ago
  forest 17e611b3c0 dont name extracted folder with name ending in .zip 1 year ago
  forest 4952ef9fbb fixing bugs 1 year ago
  forest de92684e5f fixing bugs 1 year ago
  forest b6226dd938 bump timeout, password localstorage, zip extract feature, mime guesser 1 year ago
  forest cc956ab233 timeoutMilliseconds = 30000; 1 year ago
  forest 489c85a7c7 fix readme 3 years ago
  forest 60a432ba33 first commit 3 years ago