my fork of Gabes awesome self hosted live stream publishing software
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forest 1339c81072 Merge branch 'separate-logo-and-offline-stream-image' into develop 7 months ago
img Remove the glare from the svg logo 9 months ago
js Merge branch 'separate-logo-and-offline-stream-image' into develop 7 months ago
styles Update video.css (#1012) 8 months ago
favicon.ico Add favicon(s). Closes #75 1 year ago
index-standalone-chat.html Move all remote dependencies to be local (#220) 1 year ago
index-video-only.html HLS video handling/storage/state refactor (#151) 1 year ago
index.html Fix the loading image persisting. Closes #863 9 months ago
manifest.json Reorganize the favicons 1 year ago