19 Commits (b8a188ca6a97a64e273bfbe03b87a25254b0343d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest 2de155e0ee add method for generating an API Token 1 month ago
  forest f2fdab7033 got bandwidth usage graph working 1 month ago
  forest 9a8227d884 got bandwidth metric collection working 1 month ago
  forest dff4cb8106 greenhouse's first time hosting itself! 1 month ago
  forest ea48412df6 got Gandi free subdomains working 1 month ago
  forest 5c0fb24e3d display allocated tenants in admin panel 1 month ago
  forest a39a4b4470 displaying thermometers on instances 1 month ago
  forest ee9b35d3b0 got buttons working on admin panel and rebalance is no longer throwing 1 month ago
  forest c99bec7591 start working on implementing admin panel 1 month ago
  forest 7c929a69e3 update to golang 16 and got digitalocean instance spawner working 1 month ago
  forest 15df45420b working on implementing backend for multi-tenant threshold services 3 months ago
  forest 0f531b8aa4 fixing SameSite Strict issue that would prevent confirm email links from 4 months ago
  forest fee61b39f7 adding profile page 4 months ago
  forest 6d7b246827 finishing hmac login 4 months ago
  forest 1da01f259c remove un-needed username and add hmac login 4 months ago
  forest f911a85efa fixing bugs, implementing logout 4 months ago
  forest 15ee472231 registration flow is working 4 months ago
  forest 42a1f56055 small fixes 4 months ago
  forest 8f276ea60f untested prototype 4 months ago