52 Commits (b8a188ca6a97a64e273bfbe03b87a25254b0343d)

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  forest b8a188ca6a undo change package name 1 month ago
  forest 69275e8453 updating module name test 1 month ago
  forest 6bb60c5a0d remove old pkiservice file 1 month ago
  forest 8748518efe generate json threshold configs and make pkiservice reusable 1 month ago
  forest b1d1fbfc3f add public API w/ getThresholdConfig 1 month ago
  forest c8909d6ba0 auto-generate an API token for all new users 1 month ago
  forest 2de155e0ee add method for generating an API Token 1 month ago
  forest f2fdab7033 got bandwidth usage graph working 1 month ago
  forest 9a8227d884 got bandwidth metric collection working 1 month ago
  forest e625e814ac got ports 80 and 443 working for admin tenant tunnel 1 month ago
  forest dff4cb8106 greenhouse's first time hosting itself! 1 month ago
  forest ea48412df6 got Gandi free subdomains working 1 month ago
  forest 5c0fb24e3d display allocated tenants in admin panel 1 month ago
  forest a39a4b4470 displaying thermometers on instances 1 month ago
  forest ee9b35d3b0 got buttons working on admin panel and rebalance is no longer throwing 1 month ago
  forest c99bec7591 start working on implementing admin panel 1 month ago
  forest 7c929a69e3 update to golang 16 and got digitalocean instance spawner working 1 month ago
  forest f94fba1a5a starting to work on usage metrics collection 2 months ago
  forest 8620538413 update readme 2 months ago
  forest 8e4a8db369 finished splitting out services and implemented PKI/CAs 2 months ago
  forest df6e4a0411 WIP migrating things to thier own services 2 months ago
  forest 6dc5e41e7b implementing the process of launching an instance 3 months ago
  forest 9fd121782a update diagram 3 months ago
  forest 492963eae6 fix syntax errors 3 months ago
  forest 55c11787fa RENAME the README to make SOURCE HUT be ABLE TO READ it 3 months ago
  forest 785fbc8346 RENAME the README to make SOURCE HUT be ABLE TO READ it 3 months ago
  forest 799696366e GPL 3 months ago
  forest 01f93c93bb fleshing out tenant allocation balancing process 3 months ago
  forest 3a1578975c black out secrets in logged configuration 3 months ago
  forest c2fb21081b cleaning up the splash screen a bit 3 months ago
  forest 14417fa329 working on fleshing out backend monitorAndRebalance 3 months ago
  forest 98dc5099a0 add images (gitignore for now) 3 months ago
  forest ac0aa81504 zeroing in on schema and process for auto-scaling and balancing 3 months ago
  forest 7c40c68892 committing unstaged changes - tenant vps pins and scheduling 3 months ago
  forest c0fd7e72fc working on implementing monitorAndRebalance function 3 months ago
  forest 0a69b83c7e working on GetActiveTenants 3 months ago
  forest 15df45420b working on implementing backend for multi-tenant threshold services 3 months ago
  forest 0f531b8aa4 fixing SameSite Strict issue that would prevent confirm email links from 4 months ago
  forest 4af5895654 css tabs with grid 4 months ago
  forest a06e8ecfa9 add normalize.css 4 months ago
  forest fee61b39f7 adding profile page 4 months ago
  forest 6d7b246827 finishing hmac login 4 months ago
  forest 1da01f259c remove un-needed username and add hmac login 4 months ago
  forest f911a85efa fixing bugs, implementing logout 4 months ago
  forest 15ee472231 registration flow is working 4 months ago
  forest 3ddf63aa22 remove config.json from repo 4 months ago
  forest 42a1f56055 small fixes 4 months ago
  forest 8f276ea60f untested prototype 4 months ago
  forest 30adc6f171 login function 4 months ago
  forest 4cd4ba91d9 add logo 4 months ago