19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest 07f36321a2 implementing external domain support for alpha version 3 weeks ago
  forest 56de9e3c45 ingress service / integrate greenhouse daemon, multiple api tokens 5 months ago
  forest 2de155e0ee add method for generating an API Token 6 months ago
  forest ea48412df6 got Gandi free subdomains working 6 months ago
  forest ee9b35d3b0 got buttons working on admin panel and rebalance is no longer throwing 7 months ago
  forest 7c929a69e3 update to golang 16 and got digitalocean instance spawner working 7 months ago
  forest 8e4a8db369 finished splitting out services and implemented PKI/CAs 8 months ago
  forest 01f93c93bb fleshing out tenant allocation balancing process 8 months ago
  forest 14417fa329 working on fleshing out backend monitorAndRebalance 8 months ago
  forest ac0aa81504 zeroing in on schema and process for auto-scaling and balancing 8 months ago
  forest 7c40c68892 committing unstaged changes - tenant vps pins and scheduling 8 months ago
  forest 0a69b83c7e working on GetActiveTenants 9 months ago
  forest 15df45420b working on implementing backend for multi-tenant threshold services 9 months ago
  forest 0f531b8aa4 fixing SameSite Strict issue that would prevent confirm email links from 9 months ago
  forest 6d7b246827 finishing hmac login 9 months ago
  forest 1da01f259c remove un-needed username and add hmac login 9 months ago
  forest 15ee472231 registration flow is working 9 months ago
  forest 8f276ea60f untested prototype 9 months ago
  forest bfa81682c0 first greenhouse commit 10 months ago