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In the future, Greenhouse will be easy to use with existing self-hosting solutions like [yunohost](, [syncloud](, and others.
For more information about greenhouse, see my blog post about it: [The "Pragmatic Path" 4-Year Update: Introducing Greenhouse!](
### client applications & related services
This repository only houses the web application for the cloud service. There are many other processes involved in making
greenhouse work, and making it easy for anyone to use.
* [🏔️⛰️🛤️⛰️🏔️ threshold](
* Public Internet facing gateway (TCP reverse tunnel) for greenhouse
* [🌱🏠😈 greenhouse-daemon](
* Common background service doing the heavy lifting for various user-facing greenhouse client applications
* [🌱🏠🖥️ greenhouse-desktop](
* Cross-platform desktop application for greenhouse -- share your local servers or files on the internet in seconds!
* [🌱🏠🧑‍💻 greenhouse-cli](
* command line greenhouse client application: an interface to the greenhouse daemon
### screenshot
![a screenshot of the alpha version of the greenhouse admin panel with "choose your subdomain" feature, a bandwidth usage graph, and cross platform client software installation options](readme/screenshot.webp)
### setup local environment

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