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## greenhouse-telemetry
![Pitney the Pineapple is dailing someone on thier celly phone!](mascot-calling.png)
### how it works
This application is a simple HTTP reverse proxy that acts as a gateway of sorts in front of [Grafana Loki](
It has a couple reasons to exist:
1. It collects metadata (mostly source IP address) and adds it to the messages that get stored in Loki
2. It reduces the publically accessible surface area of Loki to make it easier for me to secure.
3. It performs additional indexing on telemetry events that come in.
- for example, if I get a `` `account_registration` event from `` and then later I get a `installer_started` event from ``, the `installer_started` event won't have an email address -- this app will be responsible for decorating that `installer_started` event with the `` email address.
### rationale
During the alpha test phase, we're collecting telemetry from all of the greenhouse applications and installation scripts. I have added this functionality to assist with discovery/debugging of issues in the system.
If you wish to participate in the alpha test release phase, you cannot opt out of this telemetry; debugging/verifying the operation of the system is the whole point of the alpha test.
The telemetry data is only transmitted to / stored on my personal server. I can't prove anything, but you have my word that I will keep this data close to my chest and delete it as soon as I don't need it any more.
When greenhouse enters beta and eventual 1.0 release phases, the telemetry will be further anonymized, relaxed, or even completely removed, to minimize the amount of personally identifiable information that I have to collect as a part of the operation of the service.

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