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  forest c9a8693641 add mastodon verification link 1 week ago
  forest 5a2b148fd9 client -> self-hosting 1 month ago
  forest 045d18f6ce adjust description 1 month ago
  forest 73d471e75c fix greenhouse daemon link 1 month ago
  forest 8e6285b9ba text-decoration-thickness: 2px; 1 month ago
  forest 3b3e6847e1 links header 1 month ago
  forest b84e11fffa fix header links 1 month ago
  forest 0fa458ba27 make alpha link smaller for cell phones 1 month ago
  forest 99eab9c851 comment out source code link 1 month ago
  forest 2d32051ea0 footer links 1 month ago
  forest 151d8bd0ef add footer 1 month ago
  forest a2bed5a6d2 white video BG 1 month ago
  forest 1e6a69eac0 white blockquote 1 month ago
  forest f15dea674f bump css version 1 month ago
  forest f2ee6e562e all block quotes 1 month ago
  forest a9d4cd465f video bg color 1 month ago
  forest cf5a5cf46f slight background color 1 month ago
  forest 5a2ff66f6a bold emphasis 1 month ago
  forest 3c759b40c9 css 1 month ago
  forest e53a7ba211 link color 1 month ago
  forest d9c4ff23be alpha link colors 1 month ago
  forest c05ff77722 fix link 1 month ago
  forest 1011637352 border 1 month ago
  forest f962341f70 highlight color 1 month ago
  forest b740a638ff update index html -- formatting fixes 1 month ago
  forest cbbe786c12 adding more pitney 1 month ago
  forest cdb8f8b7d0 remove emojis 1 month ago
  forest 9cdb1171f9 fix title 1 month ago
  forest eb39761ef8 add video 1 month ago
  forest cf325e7693 alpha release 1 month ago
  forest c612885754 update roadmap 2 months ago
  forest 0e0d9b02b6 fix roadmap margins 3 months ago
  forest 5b62191bf3 update roadmap image 3 months ago
  forest 052ce55b28 fixing links once and for all. 3 months ago
  forest 257e0d7c8c oops fix links again 3 months ago
  forest 9b450e74df fixing top right links 3 months ago
  forest ab4422001b cache bust css 3 months ago
  forest e1ac360069 add development roadmap image 3 months ago
  forest 4ff05267a0 trying to fix link wraps 4 months ago
  forest 843164d91b more trying to fix mobile 4 months ago
  forest 6aae94ad5e fix mobile again :X 4 months ago
  forest 5b9e8bfddf fixing screencast video transcript 4 months ago
  forest 49e5088ff7 fix threshold link wrap on mobile 4 months ago
  forest 33a0f8436d cleaning up and re-organizing todo list 4 months ago
  forest 2d5c010521 add sequentialread icon to blog link 4 months ago
  forest e1b66b5dc4 add a bunch of emojis 😇 4 months ago
  forest e958d29007 custom favicon 4 months ago
  forest 61359288cd more alt text 4 months ago
  forest 4a66a1f34c putting back the greenhouse logo, fixing layout issues, adding alt text 4 months ago
  forest 67b228081d undo renaming from greenhouse to server.garden 4 months ago