31 Commits (4ff382eee74f52191557c2cbfcf69dde382c33a9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest 4ff382eee7 support unix sockets for all local connections -- support integration 5 months ago
  forest 5e2e8e4440 working on self-test routine, builtin PROXY protocol support, unix 5 months ago
  forest 7ad7c14647 implementing apply config progress popup dialog 5 months ago
  forest bf714c0855 first working version of greenhouse-daemon that can host a tunnel 5 months ago
  forest f5f7753b34 first draft of config generation logic 5 months ago
  forest 8e2ab35653 tunnel id serialization test code 5 months ago
  forest 35428ba22c working on pulling in the tenant info and saving tunnel configs 5 months ago
  forest ed3e2a7237 fine-tuning the tunnel configuration gui 6 months ago
  forest f3d6673236 experiementing with tunnels list gui 6 months ago
  forest 3a33310fd4 cleanup 6 months ago
  forest 56e72fb508 startup process & daemon-config: save api token 6 months ago
  forest 70945650ab debugging registration process 6 months ago
  forest cdf4baf340 remove unused file 6 months ago
  forest e017b04c09 implementing the child process stuff 6 months ago
  forest 36b3494119 fixing bugs related to connection to greenhouse 6 months ago
  forest 349c61bac5 tweak readme 6 months ago
  forest e3acb9bac5 fleshing out the readme 6 months ago
  forest ad14d2a7df update diagram 6 months ago
  forest 8681d0a00b cleaning up 6 months ago
  forest 1c18431e6f remove old named pipes code 6 months ago
  forest 00e1df552d pivoting to https on localhost instead of named pipes/unix sockets 6 months ago
  forest 2d4f70d06e started working on greenhouse-daemon with unix sockets 6 months ago
  forest e7c370b6c6 desktop security model architechture 6 months ago
  forest 3692fbcfc6 fine-tuning GUI and async tasks 6 months ago
  forest 76e6ffd124 start working on QT application, make request for config 6 months ago
  forest c32a8000eb delete old go stuff 6 months ago
  forest ee7c7ab91f Use fbs instead of go 6 months ago
  forest b051b84384 added mac app skeleton 6 months ago
  forest ca54edd5bc fix gio test 6 months ago
  forest 4da6e069d2 add gio hello world window 6 months ago
  forest 9a3d5626b3 first commit with working systray 6 months ago