51 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest c563be03d3 fix error being thrown if log file doesn't exist yet 1 month ago
  forest ae4d980903 toLower the servername from the client on register 1 month ago
  forest 11b0f8513b telemetry first draft 1 month ago
  forest fe222bad16 dont use pid files when inside docker container 1 month ago
  forest b6e24775fe trying to fix filepath issues on windows 1 month ago
  forest 8850710cd2 prepping for alpha 1 month ago
  forest 315e67eacb child process logging fixes and crashloop reporting fixes 1 month ago
  forest dc00cf2f7a filepath.Abs("caddy-config.json") 1 month ago
  forest d39291212e 💀 1 month ago
  forest 27737c2a5c abspath 1 month ago
  forest d35424c598 💀💀💀 1 month ago
  forest f0c68c8c5f logwd2 1 month ago
  forest f35acab997 mascot on readme 1 month ago
  forest be2e1e75ab fixing big oopsie in windows service wrapper... 1 month ago
  forest 097b5ae766 always append to knownDeadPids, process.Wait errors can be ignored 1 month ago
  forest 8682803f12 fix infinite pingpong between gitPID and hasExited 1 month ago
  forest 531e6c5637 fix getPID logic and add knownDeadPids logic 1 month ago
  forest 12f6bd890a trying to fix mainloop in child process service 1 month ago
  forest d609495c54 windows fixes & pull in golang-crossplatform-child-process-test 1 month ago
  forest f87e4ed196 taskkill and LogPrefixMode 1 month ago
  forest afc30cbdc1 debug logs to child process service 1 month ago
  forest fc6d3022a8 adding signal catching to daemon 1 month ago
  forest 5bec26d4c8 re-add pid files to child process service for windows 1 month ago
  forest 8e3d953983 omfg 2 months ago
  forest 5b319eceaa daemonExecutablePath and path --> filepath 2 months ago
  forest 592a538c65 fix-exe-log 2 months ago
  forest a570c6e2f9 fix missing newlines in passthrough log manager 2 months ago
  forest 4a7891b15d dot slash for windows 2 months ago
  forest 3d7759aac9 oops forgot to turn it on 😳 2 months ago
  forest 5a48734422 windows service wrapper is working!! 2 months ago
  forest 8b74827f0e interface-fix 2 months ago
  forest 0b373aa84b log interface 2 months ago
  forest 3fca13c8e2 passthrough log manager 2 months ago
  forest a6ddc1758f oops, this was not supposed to be package main 2 months ago
  forest 562ade21a6 trying to split up modules for windows service wrapper 2 months ago
  forest 91dca98bd7 add picopublish build script for the greenhouse installer 2 months ago
  forest 5933a1cb1e reset daemon.ApplyConfigStatusError :) 2 months ago
  forest 22b048a015 fixed http->https redirector when using listen on unix socket 2 months ago
  forest 40e5b603f3 blah 2 months ago
  forest e3155d7d35 new cloud domain for alpha version and apply_config mutex 2 months ago
  forest 5be0a34f14 upfront config validation, various other fixes 2 months ago
  forest a95b1ca86d cleaning up readme and debug logs 2 months ago
  forest bc0bff3959 add /netstat route to retrieve listening sockets 2 months ago
  forest b7e5f4efdc fixing incorrect ordering and newlines in log 3 months ago
  forest 9911691001 manually rebase the changes from the logs branch 3 months ago
  forest 03d32b1212 add gitignore for built binary 3 months ago
  forest 44317d8fa5 add servername to daemon config and rename for consistency 3 months ago
  forest 437f02c449 migrating the duplicate servername check into the greenhouse daemon 3 months ago
  forest 416ddf5d3b caddy configuration: fix unix socket already exists error 3 months ago
  forest 28f550a4d5 ensure that daemons keys are created before they are used 3 months ago