48 Commits (5cbac1a58a8afefbecebf9d1774275b7e25b122b)

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  forest 5cbac1a58a bump spatialindex2d 3 months ago
  forest dd23acd37a utilize spatialIndex.GetPositionFromIndexedPoint 3 months ago
  forest dc0d67c81a replace thumbnailing logic in bpg library with data uri support 3 months ago
  forest 91b8a15ae9 todo list 3 months ago
  forest e2e347f9d8 correctly handle segfaults/panics in queue consumer 3 months ago
  forest 77a15612b1 supporting older browsers -- fallback for no BPG and babel build 3 months ago
  forest 4b2167bd17 spatial index moved to its own project repo 3 months ago
  forest 49d90e3af4 spatial index is working 3 months ago
  forest 422e3b3531 try to make iopsCostParam easier to understand. 3 months ago
  forest 6ee98c0de3 tweaking demo code 3 months ago
  forest e2de2b3739 fix comment 3 months ago
  forest 463d017914 fix comment 3 months ago
  forest 99920b003b remove dead debug logs 3 months ago
  forest fc1c9109a9 fixing artifacts along the edges caused by downsampling 3 months ago
  forest 519e12014f omg! the optimized hilbert indexer is working! 3 months ago
  forest f2e0e6e8f2 delete unused 3 months ago
  forest b622eb37ee more serious hilbert spatial index stuff 3 months ago
  forest 62e2341633 more work on storing posts 3 months ago
  forest f4db0d1c85 hilbert_test stuff 3 months ago
  forest 774d0c070f BPGEncodeQueue 3 months ago
  forest c8a7214ef3 slight cleanup 3 months ago
  forest 54ec242482 fix text rendering bug 3 months ago
  forest fd4266bb05 debugging and fine-tuning the image encoding 3 months ago
  forest d6ec3b066c image encoding is working 3 months ago
  forest de671c1d8a remove unused 3 months ago
  forest 5dd002771f upload 3 months ago
  forest 7c9cc21a38 edge pan 3 months ago
  forest a9f1765a0c fixing layout in post drafter and tweaking placement 3 months ago
  forest 8ca2eab871 placing posts on the background and fix text size/positioning 3 months ago
  forest 7ca84fdcdd panning is working on the phone 4 months ago
  forest 86cabd4d49 drag to pan is working 4 months ago
  forest 9deb175cf9 background is in place 4 months ago
  forest aee98db57b starting to work on upload 4 months ago
  forest 84e1b5e11f i put a tex on imaeg 4 months ago
  forest 2646df0162 polaroid border 4 months ago
  forest 051e534322 working on attach photo and video GUI 4 months ago
  forest 169c291c8c fine-tuning text post 4 months ago
  forest c2c98d880f set up randomize button for text posts 4 months ago
  forest 9940bdb1e1 fine tuning color 4 months ago
  forest 8acd0a14bb add web fonts 4 months ago
  forest b69a6a589a got text post looking nice 4 months ago
  forest 523d3beab8 starting to build out UI: registration and posting 4 months ago
  forest 83b80613c5 OOPS that jpeg thing was not needed. first commit of app 4 months ago
  forest d506fc0ba9 it appears to sorta work, but it's showing garbled output 4 months ago
  forest c030e3b533 rename directory 4 months ago
  forest da2e7b3dcc first build of wasm 4 months ago
  forest 6138ff2912 trimming the fat from tinyjpeg 4 months ago
  forest 0cc9539a66 add tinyjpeg from github 4 months ago