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  hellflame e8629af678
improve echo example (#671) 7 months ago
  Matt Silverlock c3dd95aea9
build: use build matrix; drop Go <= 1.10 (#629) 1 year ago
  Matt Silverlock 78ab81e242
docs: clarify that sub protocols are not set via responseHeader arg. 1 year ago
  Ran Benita 873e67e4d5
Fix how the client checks for presence of Upgrade: websocket, Connection: upgrade (#604) 1 year ago
  Matt Silverlock b65e62901f
build: clean up go.sum (#584) 1 year ago
  Jon Gillham 8c288dca3e
docs: Fix typo. (#568) 1 year ago
  Maxim Fominykh d11356942f
Duration order consistency when multiplying number by time unit (#570) 1 year ago
  Sry Back I 81cef7da56
echo example: handle received messages as text, not HTML (#563) 1 year ago
  ferhat elmas 015e196e21
Use empty struct to protect writing (#566) 1 year ago
  Rubi e90f6db575
input autofocus (#564) 1 year ago
  John Johnson III 0a093fcde5
Fix a couple of small typo's (#567) 1 year ago
  Dave Baker ed9368d0b7
typo (#583) 1 year ago
  prophecy 836e821143
Changed the link of API references to pkg.go.dev (#577) 1 year ago
  Matt Silverlock c3e18be99d
Create release-drafter.yml (#538) 2 years ago
  Matt Silverlock 5b740c2926
Read Limit Fix (#537) 2 years ago
  xiaobogaga 7e9819d926 fix typos (#532) 2 years ago
  Matt Silverlock ae1634f6a9
Create CircleCI config.yml (#519) 2 years ago
  Jürgen Etzlstorfer 80c2d40e9b fix autobahn test suite link (#503) 2 years ago
  Tariq Ibrahim 6a67f44b69 remove redundant err!=nil check in conn.go Close method (#505) 2 years ago
  Gary Burd 0ec3d1bd7f
Fix typo 2 years ago
  Steven Scott 856ca61301 Add buffer commentary 2 years ago
  Saddam H 7c8e298727 Add support for go-module 3 years ago
  Steven Scott 8ab6030ad9 Add JoinMessages 2 years ago
  Ankur Gupta 95ba29eb98 Updated autobahn test suite URL 3 years ago
  kanozec 483fb8d7c3 Add "in bytes" to sizes in documentation 3 years ago
  Jeff R. Allen 76e4896901 Fix formatting problem in the docs. (#435) 3 years ago
  Steven Scott a51a35ae32 Improve header parsing code 3 years ago
  Steven Scott 3130e8d3f1 Return write buffer to pool on write error (#427) 3 years ago
  Steven Scott cdd40f587d Add comprehensive host test (#429) 3 years ago
  Mathias Fredriksson 66b9c49e59 Move context to first parameter in DialContext 3 years ago
  Steven Scott a9dd6e8839 miscellaneous cleanup 3 years ago
  SALLEYRON Julien ceae45234a Add context in the Dialer 3 years ago
  Steven Scott b378caee5b Add write buffer pooling 3 years ago
  Adam Shannon 5fb94172f4 drop Go versions prior to 1.7 in CI 3 years ago
  stevenscott89 3ff3320c2a Improve server subprotocol documentation 3 years ago
  Matt Silverlock 5ed622c449 Update LICENSE file to reflect Google employee contributions. 3 years ago
  Kamil Kisiel c17c80cb48
Merge pull request #385 from dottyjones/master 3 years ago
  dottyjones badcf87185
Improve names in handshake deadline test 3 years ago
  dottyjones f90b62c3ce
Add test for handshake deadline 3 years ago
  Gary Burd 21ab95fa12
Modify headers to match case used in RFC examples 3 years ago
  Petr cd94665a65 Minor fixes in comments 3 years ago
  Gary Burd eb92580837
Use net.Buffers to write multiple slices to connection 3 years ago
  Gary Burd 4835f71f2a Improve client default timeout code 3 years ago
  Pablo Carranza 8c40c0b5bd Bump default handshake timetout to 45 seconds 3 years ago
  Pablo Carranza 196b8d0585 Add a default handshake timeout of 5 seconds 3 years ago
  Julien Salleyron e426f23f06 Sec-WebSocket-Protocol is capitalize instead of canonical 3 years ago
  Carter Jones 6656ddce91 add newline and remove extra space 3 years ago
  unknown 0647012449 Modify http status code to variable 3 years ago
  Gary Burd f37d158860 Travis config: add Go 1.10.x, revert 1.4.x to 1.4 3 years ago
  Alexey Palazhchenko 2967b101a5 Use latest patch releases of Go 3 years ago