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package nat
import (
// Mapping represents a port mapping in a NAT.
type Mapping interface {
// NAT returns the NAT object this Mapping belongs to.
// Protocol returns the protocol of this port mapping. This is either
// "tcp" or "udp" as no other protocols are likely to be NAT-supported.
Protocol() string
// InternalPort returns the internal device port. Mapping will continue to
// try to map InternalPort() to an external facing port.
InternalPort() int
// ExternalPort returns the external facing port. If the mapping is not
// established, port will be 0
ExternalPort() int
// ExternalAddr returns the external facing address. If the mapping is not
// established, addr will be nil, and and ErrNoMapping will be returned.
ExternalAddr() (addr net.Addr, err error)
// Close closes the port mapping
Close() error
// keeps republishing
type mapping struct {
sync.Mutex // guards all fields
nat *NAT
proto string
intport int
extport int
cached net.IP
cacheTime time.Time
cacheLk sync.Mutex
func (m *mapping) NAT() *NAT {
defer m.Unlock()
return m.nat
func (m *mapping) Protocol() string {
defer m.Unlock()
return m.proto
func (m *mapping) InternalPort() int {
defer m.Unlock()
return m.intport
func (m *mapping) ExternalPort() int {
defer m.Unlock()
return m.extport
func (m *mapping) setExternalPort(p int) {
defer m.Unlock()
m.extport = p
func (m *mapping) ExternalAddr() (net.Addr, error) {
defer m.cacheLk.Unlock()
oport := m.ExternalPort()
if oport == 0 {
// dont even try right now.
return nil, ErrNoMapping
if time.Since(m.cacheTime) >= CacheTime {
cval, err := m.nat.nat.GetExternalAddress()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
m.cached = cval
m.cacheTime = time.Now()
switch m.Protocol() {
case "tcp":
return &net.TCPAddr{
IP: m.cached,
Port: oport,
}, nil
case "udp":
return &net.UDPAddr{
IP: m.cached,
Port: oport,
}, nil
panic(fmt.Sprintf("invalid protocol %q", m.Protocol()))
func (m *mapping) Close() error {
return nil