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  forest 4101476399 oops lol 2 weeks ago
  forest cb0dc9793a add GetExternalAddress 2 weeks ago
  forest 592bc9347b update go.mod 2 weeks ago
  forest 93f0ccfb67 remove ipfs logging 2 weeks ago
  web3-bot 109ebd3c9a
sync: update CI config files (#41) 1 month ago
  Steven Allen 0955092846
Merge pull request #40 from libp2p/asr/fix-error 3 months ago
  Aayush Rajasekaran c62b2d5c81 Fix error log 3 months ago
  Marten Seemann 678e020a0c
Merge pull request #39 from libp2p/remove-codecov 3 months ago
  Marten Seemann 712ac977c7
remove Codecov config file 3 months ago
  Marten Seemann a78239665c
Merge pull request #38 from libp2p/remove-goprocess 3 months ago
  Marten Seemann 4baa99626d remove mapping.teardown 3 months ago
  Marten Seemann 2c47a1d772 stop using goprocess for shutdown 4 months ago
  Marten Seemann 01e5a604b8 update go-nat to v0.1.0 4 months ago
  Steven Allen 22fec482e3
Merge pull request #37 from libp2p/chore/update-log 4 months ago
  Steven Allen 98e36175a7 chore: update go-log 4 months ago
  web3-bot 27bf17e07d
sync: update CI config files (#36) 5 months ago
  web3-bot 5b07de0545
sync: update CI config files (#35) 7 months ago
  Steven Allen 7bdae2cc7c
Merge pull request #34 from libp2p/web3-bot/sync 8 months ago
  web3-bot 20b4a43891 add .github/workflows/go-check.yml 8 months ago
  web3-bot 360e245b46 add .github/workflows/go-test.yml 8 months ago
  web3-bot 6fce3b2f8b add .github/workflows/automerge.yml 8 months ago
  web3-bot e0c0d66d9b set Go version to 1.15 and run go mod tidy 8 months ago
  web3-bot c932f59569 disable Travis 8 months ago
  Marten Seemann d3a3bd8936
Merge pull request #33 from libp2p/fix-staticcheck 8 months ago
  Marten Seemann 035fddeb5d remove unused field permanent from mapping 8 months ago
  Steven Allen ab0e3aeb64 chore: update deps 1 year ago
  Steven Allen 56a453812d
Merge pull request #29 from libp2p/dependabot/go_modules/github.com/jbenet/goprocess-0.1.4 1 year ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 88cecbde15
Bump github.com/jbenet/goprocess from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4 1 year ago
  Steven Allen bf90464c14
Merge pull request #27 from libp2p/dependabot/go_modules/github.com/ipfs/go-log-1.0.2 1 year ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 8d7966f6a2
Bump github.com/ipfs/go-log from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 1 year ago
  Steven Allen 14cbfea2e1
Merge pull request #26 from arberiii/master 2 years ago
  Arber Avdullahu a2bde716a4
Update nat.go 2 years ago
  Arber Avdullahu b057ec35af
Update go.sum 2 years ago
  Arber Avdullahu 0a7ae045df
Update go.mod 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 6600d1cf7f Merge branch 'ci/go-1.13' 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 266245f24f ci: bump to go 1.13 2 years ago
  vyzo 873ef75f6a
Merge pull request #22 from libp2p/gomod/update 2 years ago
  vyzo 4c391c0f29 gomod: update go-nat to v0.0.4 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 2309445b7a
Merge pull request #19 from libp2p/fix/log-format 2 years ago
  Steven Allen f3e64c7f9e nit: fix log format 2 years ago
  Raúl Kripalani 2736f3ac75
Merge pull request #18 from libp2p/fix/remove-notifier 2 years ago
  Steven Allen d33b7c142d fix: remove notifier 2 years ago
  Steven Allen c50c291a61
Merge pull request #17 from libp2p/dep/update-nat 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 9025647747 dep: update go-nat 2 years ago
  Raúl Kripalani 4009b3c3a0 farewell gx; thanks for serving us well. 2 years ago
  Yusef Napora f9fad745b8 update readme badges 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 8662262494
Merge pull request #16 from libp2p/feat/use-libp2p-go-nat 2 years ago
  Steven Allen ce240c7d73 switch to libp2p's go-nat fork 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 3efa307896 gx publish 0.8.13 2 years ago
  Steven Allen 4bd45c1d08
Merge pull request #14 from libp2p/feat/no-multiddr 2 years ago