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Organization removal confirmation using name not password (#14738)

* Organization removal confirmation using name not password

Gitea is asking for user password to confirm organization
removal so this operation cannot be done in systems with
SSO authentication (where no user passwords are used).

This mod changes the way gitea confirms organization
removal - user must enter organization name (not user
password) to confirm operation (similar to repository
removal confirmation).

Author-Change-Id: IB#1107219

* Translation removed

Translation removed from PR - will be restored using Crowdin
after pull got merged.

Fixes: 95ddcdd8bd
Author-Change-Id: IB#1107219
Paweł Bogusławski 10 months ago
committed by GitHub
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3 changed files with 7 additions and 10 deletions
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options/locale/locale_en-US.ini View File

@ -386,6 +386,7 @@ password_uppercase_one = At least one uppercase character
password_digit_one = At least one digit
password_special_one = At least one special character (punctuation, brackets, quotes, etc.)
enterred_invalid_repo_name = The repository name you entered is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_org_name = The organization name you entered is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_owner_name = The new owner name is not valid.
enterred_invalid_password = The password you entered is incorrect.
user_not_exist = The user does not exist.

+ 3
- 6
routers/org/setting.go View File

@ -145,12 +145,9 @@ func SettingsDelete(ctx *context.Context) {
org := ctx.Org.Organization
if ctx.Req.Method == "POST" {
if _, err := models.UserSignIn(ctx.User.Name, ctx.Query("password")); err != nil {
if models.IsErrUserNotExist(err) {
ctx.RenderWithErr(ctx.Tr("form.enterred_invalid_password"), tplSettingsDelete, nil)
} else {
ctx.ServerError("UserSignIn", err)
if org.Name != ctx.Query("org_name") {
ctx.Data["Err_OrgName"] = true
ctx.RenderWithErr(ctx.Tr("form.enterred_invalid_org_name"), tplSettingsDelete, nil)

+ 3
- 4
templates/org/settings/delete.tmpl View File

@ -15,10 +15,9 @@
<form class="ui form ignore-dirty" id="delete-form" action="{{.Link}}" method="post">
<input class="fake" type="password">
<div class="inline required field {{if .Err_Password}}error{{end}}">
<label for="password">{{.i18n.Tr "password"}}</label>
<input id="password" name="password" type="password" autocomplete="off" autofocus required>
<div class="inline required field {{if .Err_OrgName}}error{{end}}">
<label for="org_name">{{.i18n.Tr "org.org_name_holder"}}</label>
<input id="org_name" name="org_name" value="" autocomplete="off" autofocus required>
<div class="ui red button delete-button" data-type="form" data-form="#delete-form">
{{.i18n.Tr "org.settings.confirm_delete_account"}}