fork for cross-compile for ARM
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package config
import ""
type UserAPI struct {
Matrix *Global `yaml:"-"`
InternalAPI InternalAPIOptions `yaml:"internal_api"`
// The cost when hashing passwords.
BCryptCost int `yaml:"bcrypt_cost"`
// The length of time an OpenID token is condidered valid in milliseconds
OpenIDTokenLifetimeMS int64 `yaml:"openid_token_lifetime_ms"`
// The Account database stores the login details and account information
// for local users. It is accessed by the UserAPI.
AccountDatabase DatabaseOptions `yaml:"account_database"`
// The Device database stores session information for the devices of logged
// in local users. It is accessed by the UserAPI.
DeviceDatabase DatabaseOptions `yaml:"device_database"`
const DefaultOpenIDTokenLifetimeMS = 3600000 // 60 minutes
func (c *UserAPI) Defaults() {
c.InternalAPI.Listen = "http://localhost:7781"
c.InternalAPI.Connect = "http://localhost:7781"
c.AccountDatabase.ConnectionString = "file:userapi_accounts.db"
c.DeviceDatabase.ConnectionString = "file:userapi_devices.db"
c.BCryptCost = bcrypt.DefaultCost
c.OpenIDTokenLifetimeMS = DefaultOpenIDTokenLifetimeMS
func (c *UserAPI) Verify(configErrs *ConfigErrors, isMonolith bool) {
checkURL(configErrs, "user_api.internal_api.listen", string(c.InternalAPI.Listen))
checkURL(configErrs, "user_api.internal_api.connect", string(c.InternalAPI.Connect))
checkNotEmpty(configErrs, "user_api.account_database.connection_string", string(c.AccountDatabase.ConnectionString))
checkNotEmpty(configErrs, "user_api.device_database.connection_string", string(c.DeviceDatabase.ConnectionString))
checkPositive(configErrs, "user_api.openid_token_lifetime_ms", c.OpenIDTokenLifetimeMS)