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# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Remote users can join room by alias
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
POST /login can log in as a user with just the local part of the id
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
avatar_url updates affect room member events
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
displayname updates affect room member events
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Room members can override their displayname on a room-specific basis
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Alias creators can delete alias with no ops
# Blacklisted because matrix-org/dendrite#847 might have broken it but we're not
# really sure and we need it pretty badly anyway
Real non-joined users can get individual state for world_readable rooms after leaving
# Blacklisted until matrix-org/dendrite#862 is reverted due to Riot bug
Latest account data appears in v2 /sync
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Outbound federation can backfill events
# Blacklisted due to alias work on Synapse
Alias creators can delete canonical alias with no ops
# Blacklisted because we need to implement v2 invite endpoints for room versions
# to be supported (currently fails with M_UNSUPPORTED_ROOM_VERSION)
Inbound federation rejects invites which are not signed by the sender
# Blacklisted because we don't support ignores yet
Ignore invite in incremental sync
# Blacklisted because this test calls /r0/events which we don't implement
New room members see their own join event
Existing members see new members' join events
# See
Remote invited user can see room metadata
# We don't implement soft-failed events yet, but because the /send response is vague,
# this test thinks it's all fine...
Inbound federation accepts a second soft-failed event
# Relies on a rejected PL event which will never be accepted into the DAG
# Caused by
Outbound federation requests missing prev_events and then asks for /state_ids and resolves the state
# We don't implement lazy membership loading yet.
The only membership state included in a gapped incremental sync is for senders in the timeline
# Blacklisted out of flakiness after #1479
Invited user can reject local invite after originator leaves
Invited user can reject invite for empty room
If user leaves room, remote user changes device and rejoins we see update in /sync and /keys/changes
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
A prev_batch token from incremental sync can be used in the v1 messages API
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Forgotten room messages cannot be paginated
# Blacklisted due to flakiness
Can re-join room if re-invited
# Blacklisted due to flakiness after #1774
Local device key changes get to remote servers with correct prev_id
# Flakey
Local device key changes appear in /keys/changes