1486 Commits (b0aa101dcd568dbb8e6a5db42e358442a6ff1182)

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  Neil Alexander b0aa101dcd
Update go.mod/go.sum for matrix-org/pinecone (Build 79) 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander 3797d818c0
Update gomatrixserverlib to matrix-org/gomatrixserverlib#259 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander 3f84cd6cd0
Update go.mod/go.sum 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander 30f021700a
Update go.mod/go.sum 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander a7f2845a6a
Demo tweaks 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander 79c5485c8d
Allow clearing federation blacklist at startup for P2P demos 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander d2d2164025
Update pinecone demo 4 months ago
  Neil Alexander 2948ffd782
Update go.mod/go.sum 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 08a4370c94
Update go.mod/go.sum 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander e9e0309089
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:matrix-org/dendrite 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 140cae81cc
Update dendrite-demo-pinecone 5 months ago
  Michael Telatynski 4691adc8f8
Update MSC2946 implementation for stable spaces (#1859) 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 1d89c4a3cd
Update go.mod/go.sum 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander c76f820c86
Update go.mod/go.sum 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander a49d06138e
Updates to dendrite-demo-pinecone 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 81d60d5448
Update room directory in Pinecone demo some more 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 603bf590f0
Fix public room directory in Pinecone demo 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander aa672068ab
Update pinecone in go.mod/go.sum 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 1002e87b60
Pinecone P2P demo (#1856) 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 464b908bd0
Don't return immediately when there's nothing to sync 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander c67d8da3eb
Fix bug in SQLite migration 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander 5ce1fe80de
State storage refactor (#1839) 5 months ago
  Fero d6e9b7b307
Remove the 'Content-Type' request header requirement (#1834) 5 months ago
  Neil Alexander a9faa1bc44
Fix registration error when disabled 6 months ago
  Kegsay 656d11ec90
fedsender: tolerate dupe membership events (#1824) 6 months ago
  Fero 653e30619c
Remove the Content-Length requirement on upload request (#1831) 6 months ago
  Neil Alexander 080ae6a829
Move room mutex in federation API (#1830) 6 months ago
  Kegsay e08942fb00
Remove legacy register endpoint (#1822) 6 months ago
  Kegsay b769d5a25e
Optimise memory usage when calling /g_m_e (#1819) 6 months ago
  Tim McCormack 5ade348d14
Document need for max-body-size change in reverse proxy as well (#1816) 6 months ago
  Bruce MacDonald d27607af78
Implement OpenID module (#599) (#1812) 6 months ago
  Kegsay f8d3a762c4
Add a per-room mutex to federationapi when processing transactions (#1810) 6 months ago
  Eric Eastwood 0ee1c56ffd
Use log directory that we will be able to write to (#1799) 6 months ago
  Kegsay af41f6d454
Add Sentry support (#1803) 6 months ago
  Kegsay 802f1c96f8
Add more metrics (#1802) 6 months ago
  Kegsay a1b7e4ef3f
log less for failed key querys, add counters for incoming pdus/edus (#1801) 6 months ago
  Neil Alexander 01267a34b9
Fix nil pointer crash in QueryMembershipsForRoom 7 months ago
  Kegsay 3c419be6af
roomserver: don't make_join with ourselves if clients ask us to (#1797) 7 months ago
  Kegsay 77fb981da5
device lists: backoff for longer if the wrong error type is returned (#1796) 7 months ago
  Kegan Dougal e865a1507a Make sure the component max open conns doesn't exceed 100 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander 5912429d53
Return a more useful error on /register spec compliance violation (#1792) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander 5acf30cd3c
Update sytest-whitelist 7 months ago
  Kegsay 850abb1dde
Make bcrypt cost configurable (#1793) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander c3ad2cca49
Fix database default connection limits for CI (#1794) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander 6aa262ead8
Use default transport for AS traffic (#1789) 7 months ago
  Will Hunt fe021d3742
Treat the sender_localpart as an exclusive namespace of one user (#1790) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander 1ad96e2e2d
Tweak AS registration check and AS component HTTP clients (#1785) 7 months ago
  Will Hunt 9557ccada4
Fix appsevice alias queries part 2 (#1684) 7 months ago
  Will Hunt a2773922d2
Send events to appservice based on room membership (#1680) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander d15836e260
Increase gocyclo complexity to 25 (and remove all but 2 golint directives related to it) (#1783) 7 months ago