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  Neil Alexander 1002e87b60
Pinecone P2P demo (#1856) 4 months ago
  Marco Kundt d1496793b9
fix database names to reflect renaming (#1636) 7 months ago
  Neil Alexander d7824ed5b1
Update INSTALL.md (#1637) 9 months ago
  Neil Alexander b794873fa0
Update INSTALL.md 9 months ago
  Neil Alexander 0af35bec1a
Update documentation (#1569) 10 months ago
  Adit Sachde b66b2eab32
Document dendrite server key format (#1520) 11 months ago
  Neil Alexander 39c7a8915c
Multi-personality polylith binary (#1552) 11 months ago
  Neil Alexander a71360d099
Update INSTALL.md (#1549) 11 months ago
  Kegsay 009401ad4d
Version 0.1.0 11 months ago
  Kegsay bf7e85848b
Rename serverkeyapi to signingkeyserver (#1492) 11 months ago
  Kegsay c992f4f1f4
Remove current state server (#1405) 1 year ago
  Creed Haymond f3c482b078
Adding the e2ekey database to the create_db script and docs (#1206) 1 year ago
  Kegsay 37db60f4d4
Update README/docs (#1199) 1 year ago
  Kegsay 9c1f38621c
Remove publicroomsapi (#1176) 1 year ago
  Neil Alexander 72444e4a4f
User API polylith component (#1151) 1 year ago
  Neil Alexander 3cb04e8004
Update INSTALL.md, move docs (#1034) 1 year ago
  Neil Alexander b72d7eb0cf
Update documentation for Go 1.13 (#867) 1 year ago
  Alex Chen 9bef5d52f4 Fix broken Kafka download URL in INSTALL.md (#740) 2 years ago
  ruben 74827428bd use go module for dependencies (#594) 2 years ago
  Sumukha Pk 6baaf8c36c Improved clarity for setup in INSTALL.md (#691) 2 years ago
  Andrew Morgan ce9f3ea362
Bump to go version 1.10 (#690) 2 years ago
  Andrew Morgan 7736e247b7
Send Application Service Events (#477) 3 years ago
  Parminder Singh b72ed3e38c Add MacOS kafka setup instructions (#396) 3 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 139cb7a01e
INSTALL.md: fix list format, remove duplication 3 years ago
  Nikita Voloboev 7c60a79e77 Update install instructions for mac (#397) 3 years ago
  Erik Johnston 9476a266bd
Add database.naffka to example config (#350) 3 years ago
  Erik Johnston e9314e5b30 Untangle precommit and travis test scripts (#288) 4 years ago
  Erik Johnston 1e6fc74d4f Add Code Style and some dev docs (#286) 4 years ago
  Mark Haines 9ed609b9df Pass requests made by remote servers for media to the media API (#263) 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 3dd30858d1 Update the install instructions (#255) 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 8c2e6273e3 Add command to generate test keys/certs (#204) 4 years ago
  Andi fceb027ecc Add publicroomsapi to the database list (#199) 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff fc86821a90 notes on running monolith server (#193) 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 46877b6baa Add installation instructions to repo (#192) 4 years ago