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@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ It intends to provide an **efficient**, **reliable** and **scalable** alternativ
a [brand new Go test suite](
- Scalable: can run on multiple machines and eventually scale to massive homeserver deployments.
As of October 2020, Dendrite has now entered **beta** which means:
- Dendrite is ready for early adopters. We recommend running in Monolith mode with a PostgreSQL database.
- Dendrite has periodic semver releases. We intend to release new versions as we land significant features.
@ -24,7 +23,7 @@ This does not mean:
Currently, we expect Dendrite to function well for small (10s/100s of users) homeserver deployments as well as P2P Matrix nodes in-browser or on mobile devices.
In the future, we will be able to scale up to gigantic servers (equivalent to via polylith mode.
Join us in:
If you have further questions, please take a look at [our FAQ](docs/ or join us in:
- **[](** - General chat about the Dendrite project, for users and server admins alike
- **[](** - The place for developers, where all Dendrite development discussion happens

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@ -12,6 +12,10 @@ No, although a good portion of the Matrix specification has been implemented. Mo
No, not at present. There will be in the future when Dendrite reaches version 1.0.
### Should I run a monolith or a polylith deployment?
Monolith deployments are always preferred where possible, and at this time, are far better tested than polylith deployments are. The only reason to consider a polylith deployment is if you wish to run different Dendrite components on separate physical machines.
### I've installed Dendrite but federation isn't working
Check the [Federation Tester]( You need at least: