1023 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  forest b2b1492c7f change go package path for fork 3 days ago
  Mohammed Al Sahaf 3903642aa7
caddyfile: reject cyclic imports (#4022) 4 days ago
  Mohammed Al Sahaf 03b5debd95
ci: fuzz: add 4 more fuzzing targets (#4105) 5 days ago
  Francis Lavoie 3f6283b385
fileserver: Add status code override (#4076) 5 days ago
  Carl George 45fb7202ac
notify: Send all sd_notify signals from main caddy process (#4060) 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 66783eb4d9
go.mod: Update quic-go to v0.20.1 (#4075) 1 week ago
  Francis Lavoie 1455d6bb69
httpcaddyfile: Fix panic in automation policy consolidation (#4104) 1 week ago
  Francis Lavoie 3401f91dbe
caddyfile: Normalize line endings before comparing fmt result (#4103) 1 week ago
  Mohammed Al Sahaf eb3955a960
ci: accommodate go1.16 changes to go mod (#4102) 1 week ago
  Matthew Holt d21e88ae3a
Minor tweaks 1 week ago
  Matthew Holt a0a7c60cb9
go.mod: Use latest CertMagic 1 week ago
  Matthew Holt 7da9241fd7
Use 600 instead of 644 for UUID file 1 week ago
  Matthew Holt e68dbe9cf8
Change os to ioutil for now 2 weeks ago
  Dimitri Masson bd357bf005
reverseproxy: Set cookie path to `/` when using cookie lb_policy (#4096) 2 weeks ago
  Matthew Holt aac1ccf12d
caddy: Add InstanceID() method 2 weeks ago
  Steffen Brüheim f35a7fa466
encode,staticfiles: Content negotiation, precompressed files (#4045) 2 weeks ago
  Francis Lavoie 75f797debd
reverseproxy: Implement health_uri, deprecate health_path, supports query (#4050) 2 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana 1c8ea00828
go.mod: Migrate to golang.org/x/term (#4073) 2 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana d63d5ae1ce
caddyhttp: improve grammar of comment for AllowH2C (#4072) 2 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana a6bc58153b
sigtrap_posix: add missing comma to SIGTERM info (#4078) 2 weeks ago
  Francis Lavoie 911c8a371a
cmd: Use formatted logger for config adapter warnings (#4080) 2 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana 87fbc0783a
cmd: main: fix minor doc typos (#4082) 2 weeks ago
  Francis Lavoie f1c36680fc
headers: Fix Caddyfile parsing for `request_header` with matchers (#4085) 2 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana a87f757fcc
.gitignore: add IDE files (#4087) 2 weeks ago
  Francis Lavoie 0018b9be0d
fileserver: Add a few more debug lines (#4063) 3 weeks ago
  rai a48c6205b7
fileserver: Browse listing supports dark mode (#4066) 3 weeks ago
  Simão Gomes Viana 28a4159933
CONTRIBUTING: fix spelling (#4070) 3 weeks ago
  Francis Lavoie 0d7fe36007
httpcaddyfile: Add `error` directive for the existing handler (#4034) 1 month ago
  Aaron Taylor f137b82227
logging: add replace filter for static value replacement (#4029) 1 month ago
  Aaron Taylor 2a127ac3d1
caddyconfig: add global option for configuring loggers (#4028) 1 month ago
  Rajat Jain 802f80c382
map: Accept regex substitution in outputs (#3991) 1 month ago
  Francis Lavoie 51f35ba03f
reverseproxy: Fix upstreams with placeholders with no port (#4046) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt ad8d01cb66
rewrite: Implement regex path replacements 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt 5bf0a55df4
fileserver: Don't replace in request paths (fix #4027) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt ec309c6d52
caddypki: Add SignWithRoot option for ACME server 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt ce5a0934a8
reverseproxy: Fix round robin data race (#4038) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt b54fa41239
Update docs; commit setcap.sh 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt 427bbe99d0
go.mod: Latest CertMagic (updated libdns conventions) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt a8fdc0a998
core: Initialize logging before admin 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt f6bb02b303
caddytls: Remove old asset migration code (close #3894) 1 month ago
  Matt Holt 6722ae3a83
reverseproxy: Add duration/latency placeholders (close #4012) (#4013) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt edb362aa96
httpcaddyfile: Fix catch-all site block sorting 1 month ago
  Francis Lavoie 5376e5113e
ci: Build and test on Go 1.16, bump minimum to 1.15 (#4024) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt ec3ac840cf
caddy: Support SetReadBuffer and SyscallConn for QUIC (fix #3998) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt fbd00e4b53
Improve security warnings 1 month ago
  Francis Lavoie bafb562991
httpcaddyfile: Configure other apps from global options (#3990) 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt ed678235a4
cmd: Clean up `build-info` and `upgrade` output 1 month ago
  Matthew Holt cc63c5805e
caddyhttp: Support placeholders in header matcher values (close #3916) 2 months ago
  Matthew Holt 51e3fdba77
caddytls: Save email with account if not already specified 2 months ago
  Matthew Holt 5ef76ff3e6
reverseproxy: Response buffering & configurable buffer size 2 months ago