fork of Better Portable Graphics format including working WASM (WebAssembly) build.
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version 0.9.8:
- x265 library compilation fixes
- buffer overflow fixes
version 0.9.7:
- Increased the memory size of the JS decoder to 32 MiB and avoid
polluting the global namespace.
- Published the Emscripten patches which reduce the size of the
generated JS code.
version 0.9.6:
- Faster encoding (x265 is the default encoder and is built in bpgenc).
- Added monochrome support to x265.
- Fixed metadata handling.
version 0.9.5:
- Added animation support.
- added bpgview utility.
- bpgenc: fixed support of some JPEG parameter combinations
- fixed JS 8 bit only decoder and renamed it to bpgdec8.js
- libbpg: added CMYK output format
version 0.9.4:
- Modified alpha plane encoding to allow progressive display and
streaming encoding. This change is incompatible, so images
containing alpha from the previous versions of the format cannot be
- Added 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 chroma formats with MPEG2 chroma sample position.
version 0.9.3:
- Fixed small palette PNG.
- Added support for BT 709 and BT 2020 YCbCr.
- Added limited range color support.
- Changed CMYK signalling.
- Added premultiplied alpha support.
- Specified the output RGB color space if no color profile is present.
- Reduced the size of the js decoder.
- Removed buffer overflows.
version 0.9.2:
- Fixed encoding of paletted PNG.
- Reduced memory usage in the decoder.
- Added faster 8 bit only Javascript decoder.
- bpgenc: added '-e' option to explicitely select the encoder.
- bpgenc: set default bit depth to 8.
- bpgenc: added lossless support with x265.
- js decoder: handle width and height attributes.
version 0.9.1:
- Added new meta data tags: ICC profile, XMP and thumbnail.
- Disabled metadata copying by default.
- Use same chroma pixel position as JPEG for 4:2:2 and 4:2:0.
version 0.9:
- Initial release.