💊 capsul.org cloud compute service - python flask web application

Updated 2 years ago

my fork of https://github.com/mholt/caddy-l4 (I think this is needed because otherwise I get Go module issues when I try to build it into my fork of caddy)

Updated 2 years ago

fork of 🔒 https://github.com/caddyserver/caddy because I wanted simpler TLS on the admin API listener

Updated 1 year ago

Assembly 0 0

fork of https://bellard.org/bpg/ Better Portable Graphics format including working WASM (WebAssembly) build.

Updated 2 years ago

a WebExtension to make firefox refresh the page & keep the backblaze session alive so you don't get logged out.

Updated 2 years ago

an easy-to-use cryptography library inspired by age by Filippo Valsorda (https://github.com/FiloSottile/age). For non-streaming usecases where authentication is desired. A wrapper around libsodium to support encrypting to multiple recipients

Updated 2 months ago

JavaScript 0 0

A simple JavaScript clone of the LOGO drawing language. Write turtle programs in JavaScript, saved in your browser.

Updated 2 years ago

Track your finances easily: categorize transaction data quickly via "smart" inverted index, then define your own charts and reports.

Updated 4 weeks ago