🍠 Serve Your Media Without Limits From a "Potato" Computer Hosted in Mom's Basement: Take our Beloved "Series of Tubes" to Full Power

Updated 8 months ago

🏔️🛤️🏔️ Public Internet facing gateway (TCP reverse tunnel) for greenhouse - v2

Updated 11 months ago

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fork of https://github.com/nolanlawson/pinafore

Updated 1 year ago

organizing thoughts and agreeing on designs for login / account registration on gotosocial

Updated 1 year ago

dynamic-ish DNS for gandi

Updated 3 days ago

web application to provide students with an instant development and deployment environment (vscode in the web browser).

Updated 7 months ago

forked from https://git.pixie.town/f0x/matrix-streamchat

Updated 7 months ago

an easy-to-use cryptography library inspired by age by Filippo Valsorda (https://github.com/FiloSottile/age). For non-streaming usecases where authentication is desired. A wrapper around libsodium to support encrypting to multiple recipients

Updated 4 weeks ago