web application to provide students with an instant development and deployment environment (vscode in the web browser).

Updated 11 months ago

forest's quick notes repository

Updated 11 months ago

command line tool to make self signed x.509 CA and cert for a domain

Updated 11 months ago

A simple, fault-tolerant, and easy-to-audit web-based password manager.

Updated 10 months ago

dynamic-ish DNS for gandi

Updated 4 months ago

docker based auto-configurator for Caddy 2 & sequentialread.com docker-compose

Updated 4 months ago

public website for https://server.garden

Updated 4 months ago

Track your finances easily: categorize transaction data quickly via "smart" inverted index, then define your own charts and reports.

Updated 3 months ago

🌱🏠 instant least-authority port-forwarding (with automatic HTTPS) for anyone, anywhere! We **really** don't want your TLS private keys, you can keep them 😃

Updated 2 months ago

A program designed to fix the disk-space consumption issues that matrix-synapse continues to suffer

Updated 3 weeks ago


Updated 2 weeks ago

an easy-to-use cryptography library inspired by age by Filippo Valsorda (https://github.com/FiloSottile/age). For non-streaming usecases where authentication is desired. A wrapper around libsodium to support encrypting to multiple recipients

Updated 2 days ago